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AR/VR Realtime Camera Tracking

David Strout shows capabilities of Ncam on booth :


Instant realtime tracking
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No need for time-consuming system calibration, teaching of environment or surveys.

Multi sensor hybrid technology
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For a robust solution in mission critical situations, Ncam combines patent pending multi-sensor technology. Ncam does not rely on simple optical only solutions.

Ultra fast setup and workflow
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Ncam Reality’s user friendly interface enables super quick automated origin and axis alignment or speedy and interactive manual placement via its image based modelling module.

Use existing graphics pipelines
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Ncam supports industry standard real-time broadcast graphics engines, either via the Free-D protocol or Ncam’s SDK.

Integrated lens calibration
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Proprietary lens distortion model for all lens types via in-built lens calibration module. Export lens calibrations to your chosen graphics engine.

Lens encoding
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Focal Length, Focus and Iris values via external ncoders or direct data from Canon/Fujinon digital virtual ports via smart ncoder cable.

SDK v2 for custom integration
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The new v2 SDK supports enhanced real-time streaming of data including timecode, optical parameters, distortion maps and parametric camera models plus support for future features.

Copper or Fibre options
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Ncam’s latest hardware design enables all data to be sent down a single Cat6 Gigabit Ethernet cable. Alternatively, this can easily be converted into fibre via standard media converters.


King Arthur

King Arthur: Knights of the Round Table - Warner Bros.


ESPN - Monday Night Football - Ncam on Spidercam


Geostorm - Warner Bros.

V8 Supercars

V8 Supercars - Meet Ncam "Yesterday we introduced you briefly to a brand new technology Ncam, our virtual reality car...." Read more

Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending Studio: Warner Bros. Director: Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski VFX Supervisor: Dan Glass

MBA All-Star

MBA All-Star - Turner Sports "Turner Sports is tasked with producing an NBA All-Star 2015 chock-full of high-profile events across two boroughs this weekend, and the network has brought out a wealth of tech toys to cover the festivities. Headlined by the use of Spidercam at Barclays Center on Saturday night and new virtual graphics courtesy of Ncam and Orad at MSG on Sunday night, Turner has deployed an army of cameras and production elements in an effort to make New York’s NBA All-Star Weekend one for the ages."

2014 World Cup

German national public broadcasters ARD and ZDF have been relaying live coverage from Brazil since June 12. Accompanying TV pictures from the rooftop World Cup studio at the Copacabana are shared by both channels, and offer stunning views across Rio de Janeiro with the beach and landscape in the background. Ncam is being used to send tracking information to the virtual studio to create the outdoor immersive graphics.

Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow - Warner Bros.

Daytona 500

The Daytona 500 is 500 miles (805 km) long and is the most prestigious race in NASCAR as well as the first race of the year. Wind Trax, a virtual wind speed and direction visualization that is rendered in real-time with Viz Engine, Vizrt’s real-time 3D compositing engine, was debuted at Daytona 500 by Fox Sports. Wind Trax uses splines imported as .fbx files into Viz Artist. A designer in Viz Artist adds textures and motion effects to the splines that can be changed based upon live data. An NCAM tracking system mounted on a camera in the stadium sends tracking data to Viz Engine. The tracking data combined with live weather data allows Viz Engine to render a real-time representation of the wind direction virtually on the track.

Super Bowl XLVIII

Augmented reality graphics powered by Viz Virtual Studio systems working in conjunction with Ncam's multi-sensor tracking were used for graphics and effects.


Ncam became an indispensable tool for “White House Down”. The Camera Operators used it for framing of virtual sets, editorial used the on-set composites for postvis, and we used the Ncam data as a starting point for final shots. I even used animated objects inside virtual scenes to cue dozens of extras and give correct eyelines to actors. Marc Weigert
Visual Effects Supervisor / Co-producer / Second Unit Director
“We’ve had the great fortune to work with Ncam for almost a year now. In that time we’ve been able to do things with virtual graphics that we’ve never been able to do before. They have an incredible team that continues to innovate. We look forward to pushing their technology even further in the years to come.” Zac Fields
Vice President Graphics & Technology FOX Sports Media Group
"Ncam is an invaluable resource for any virtual environment photography. It gives a whole new enlightenment for cinematographers, operators and directors. A must-have for modern filmmakers." Nick Davis
VFX Supervisor - All You Need Is Kill, Warner Bros
"Ncam is my new favourite toy!" Roland Emmerich
Director - White House Down, Sony Pictures
“Ncam enables us to do augmented reality in places where it would have been, if not impossible, then very difficult to do. The ease of setup and reliability of the tracking is excellent and will move many who have been hesitating to begin looking into augmented reality.” Gerhard Lang
Chief Engineering Officer, Vizrt

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