Our vision

Ncam was established in 2012 out of a requirement to create a complete virtual production setup for live previz shots.

Today, Ncam is a pioneer of real-time visual effects (RVFX) solutions that empower its customers to achieve their artistic visions and take greater control of the creative process. Its multi-award- winning and patented technology for on-set collaboration is revolutionizing the way visual content is created for film, broadcast and live production.

Award wining company

Ncam offers a complete and customisable augmented reality platform that enables photorealistic virtual graphics in real-time. At its core is a unique camera tracking solution that offers film & TV productions virtual and augmented graphic technology without limits. The device uses a lightweight sensor bar attached to a camera to track natural features in the environment, allowing the camera to move freely in all locations while generating a continuous stream of extremely precise positional and rotational information that can feed all industry standard graphics engines via Ncam’s powerful and flexible Software Development Kit (SDK)..


Ncam’s purpose is to innovate real-time solutions that remove the barriers to our customer’s vision, giving them the freedom to unleash their creative potential. Ncam empowers customers to have greater creative freedom and control to achieve visual excellence.

With the Ncam system, we could see the on-set action and the CG background composited together in real-time, live on set, which really helped our cast, camera operators, and editors.

Rob Bredow Visual Effects Supervisor and Co-Producer

Technology partners

From day one we have been committed to collaborating with many vendors, enabling our technology to seamlessly integrate with their applications.