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Ncam aims to improve AR usage via accurate camera tracking

10 2018
Ncam aims to improve AR usage via accurate camera tracking

Ncam has been at the forefront of depth-based camera tracking for augmented and virtual reality production.

Recently, Newscast Studio had a chance to speak with  CEO Nic Hatch about some of the companies solutions including the newly launched Real Light — which aims to captures real-world lighting effects in virtual graphics.

What sets the Ncam system apart?

Our unique marker-less camera tracking solutions are automated, continuously active and accurate. As a result, there is no need for time-consuming system calibration, roof marker setup, or teaching of environment or surveys.

The system can be mounted to any camera, lens and rig including Steadicam, handheld, pedestal, jibs, cranes and aerial camera systems, and the ultrafast setup and instant tracking means an initialized track within one second.

What are the advantages of depth-based camera tracking?

Depth-based camera tracking is taking realism in AR broadcast productions to a new level.

Audiences are more sophisticated than ever and expect to see virtual environments blended seamlessly with the real world – if they don’t, viewers will notice the discrepancies. We developed Real Depth to address this challenge. The system provides a ground-breaking new and unique automated technique for sensing depth. Used with a green screen, Real Depth extracts depth data in real time to allow subjects, such as a news presenter, to interact seamlessly with their virtual surroundings for immersive and synergetic visual engagement.

What’s the most overlooked part of AR implementation?

Content. AR is still in a relatively nascent stage for broadcast and much (though not all) of its use to date is gimmicky. AR graphics need to be seen as an integral part of the program content rather than tacked on to show off a new graphics toy, and they need to be fully immersed in the real-world environment so that the audience can’t tell it’s not real.

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