21st January 2021

In the News: CNN’s New Year’s Eve Show Sees ‘Teleportation’

When CNN needed to maintain the playful nature of their “New Year’s Eve Live” broadcast while also keeping guests and crew safe, virtual production was the clear solution. However, “teleporting” guests into the studio meant the team needed a real-time camera tracking system that could employ multiple camera moves and focal adjustments without breaking the effect. That’s where Ncam’s Mk2 came in, providing a seamless blend of complex lighting environments from both onsite and studio footage.

Read more about how they did it in AV Magazine and NewscastStudio.

Ncam is the only tracker that could have pulled this off in four hours. Anything else would have needed days of setup time, multiple trackers and a lot of extra work to accommodate them.

Dan Pack Managing Director, Silver Spoon

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