The Ncam Reality Solution

Ncam Reality comprises the revolutionary Reality 2022 software combined with the innovative modular Mk2 hardware.

Ncam Reality 2022 introduces our ‘Hybrid’ tracking, enabling unique flexibility and accuracy offering the ability to track any environment, whether you’re on an LED smart stage, full green screen studio or outdoors in a street or on a soccer field. The choice is yours.

Ncam Reality Core Features


Ncam's ‘Hybrid Tracking’ capabilities enable the ability to mix natural features, fiducial objects and reflective markers meaning industry leading accuracy and flexibility, in one single product.


Track any camera, with any lens, on any rig, in any environment, whether on LED stages or green screens, urban streets or football fields. The choice is yours.


Unrivalled setup time with no requirement for time consuming learning or surveying of the environment. Ncam Reality learns its environment automatically and in real-time with no volume or space limitations, large or small.

Plug ’n’ Play

6DOF camera tracking, FIZ and distortion combined in a single synchronised data stream. Includes lens distortion for spherical, zoom and anamorphic lenses and support for all smart lens systems including Zeiss eXtended data, Cooke /i, Arri LDS. Also supports follow focus solutions including Preston, Cmotion, Arri, Teradek etc.


Control Ncam Reality via a simple web based user interface, enabling complete remote control through IP. The UI can be accessed wirelessly via your phone, tablet and PC, simultaneously.


Connect to Ncam’s real-time datastream via the SDK. Ncam is compatible with all real-time render engines and platforms including Brainstorm, Disguise, Pixotope, Unreal Engine and Vizrt. Ncam Reality ships with AR Suite Lite, offering a complete solution for live-to-air virtual sets, mixed reality and virtual production integration with Unreal Engine



Ncam’s automatic tracking combines natural features, reflective markers and fiducial markers simultaneously, making it the perfect choice for any location with any combo of camera and lens. Track handheld, Steadicam, cranes, a dolly or on a gimbal. The combinations are endless.

Ncam Reality 2022 includes lens mapping for all lens types, supporting spherical and anamorphic lenses, plus compatibility with follow focus systems and smart lenses.

Full Unreal Engine integration is also included with Ncam Reality through the Ncam AR Suite (link to AR Suite).

Simplified calibration, improved connectivity, optional automatic online software updates.

More about 2022 Software


Introducing the new multi-sensor Mk2 Camera Bar + Mk2 Server, vastly reducing the size and weight from the Mk1 setup. The camera bar weighs in at only 288g, over 1kg lighter than Mk1! The server is also small, light (992g) and robust enough to be mounted directly onto a camera rig.

With built-in wifi, the added wireless connectivity allows devices to access and control Ncam with more flexibility than ever before.

More about MK2 Hardware

Trusted & Proven

Ncam Reality is used day-in-day-out on the world’s most significant projects by the world’s most famous brands

Ncam Reality Modules

The Ncam Reality Suite can be enhanced with a series of enhancement modules, to meet the needs of specific industry sectors or additional functionality.

AR Suite Module

Ncam AR Suite is an open source plug-in for the Unreal Engine that provides a complete solution for delivering photorealistic virtual production. It has been used across the world to produce innovative augmented reality content for high profile live broadcast, TV episodic, feature film and e-sports productions.

VP Suite Module

Ncam VP (Virtual Production) suite adds various features often required in virtual production environments and effectively replaces the legacy Ncam Reality FX feature set.

Feature Comparison

Ncam Reality 2019
Ncam Reality 2021
Ncam Reality 2022
AR Suite Lite
AR Suite
VP Suite
3DoF Tracking
6DoF Tracking
IMU Sensors
Infrared Tracking
Lens Mapping
Instant tracking (no survey)
Hybrid Tracking*
Natural markers*
Reflective markers*
Fiducial tracking*
Fiducial object tracking*
Web based GUI for phone, tablet, laptop, remote*
Wireless Capabiltiy*
Smart Lens Support: /i, XD, LDS
Follow focus support: Arri, Cmotion, Preston, Teradek, Tilta
Simplified Camera Bar Calibration
Set And Forget Workflow
Automatic Online Updates (optional)
Camera tracking: 6DOF
Focus, Iris, Zoom (FIZ)
Lens Distortion
Clip Information & Metadata
Virtual Studio: Source Code
Virtual Overlay: Source Code
Particle System
I/O Colour Space
Depth of Field
SSR Reflections
Lens flare & bloom
Light Wrap
External Keyer Support
Ncam Keyer
Ncam Despill & Suppression
3D Garbage Mattes
Shadow Receivers (Hold Outs)
Dual Output
Fudicial Object Tracking 6DOF
Motion Builder Plugin
Take System (automatic via ancillary data)
FBX Record & Export
Ncam Compositing & Keying

* requires Mk2 Hardware

Technical Specification


Supported cameras:

Digital broadcast cameras with HD SDI monitoring

Digital film cameras with HD SDI monitoring

Film cameras with HD video tap plus timecode

Supported lenses:

ENG: Zoom

Cine: Prime & Zoom (Spherical & Anamorphic)

Lens Metadata:

Encoders: Ncam Passive FIZ encoders

Smart Lenses: Arri LDS, Canon, Cooke /i, Fujinon, Zeiss eXtended

Follow Focus: Arri, Cmotion, Preston, Teradek, Tilta

Lens Profiling:

Ncam proprietary: Stored and selectable from database

Camera monitor feed:

1920x1080 HD-SDI up to 60fps


Multiple optical and inertial sensors consisting of a pair of stereo cameras, an RGB camera and an IR projector, plus IMU device; 1 bar per camera


Position – 3 mounting points: 1x ⅜" -16 UNC & 2x ¼"-20 UNC threads


From Mk2 Server or Connection Box


Supplied USB-C to Ncam Mk2 Server


130mm X 38mm X 39.10mm




One Connection Box per camera


Bespoke, silent, Intel Atom chipset

Server interface:

Web interface: Wired or wireless connection via web based GUI

Application software:

Ncam Reality


On camera, rig, etc.


DCIN 8-34V, 7.5/20 Watts (typical/max)


90mm x 60mm x 120mm




One Server per camera


Bespoke workstation

Server interface:

Web interface: Wired or wireless connection via web based GUI

Operating system:

Ubuntu Linux

Application software:

Ncam Reality


Mobile – on camera or rig using ⅜" -16 UNC & ¼" -20 UNC threads


2.5A @ 12v


152.00 X 177.38 X 53.50mm



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