Ncam AR Suite Lite

Ncam AR Suite Lite is an open source plug-in for the Unreal Engine that provides a complete solution for delivering photorealistic virtual production. It has been used across the world to produce innovative augmented reality content for high profile live broadcast, TV episodic, feature film and e-sports productions.

The Ncam AR Suite Lite provides all of the essential tools, source code and augmented reality pipelines to empower you to unleash your creative potential using Ncam camera tracking and easily bring real-time, photorealistic augmented reality to your productions. We believe that by giving you a complete tool suite that has no cost and no restrictions, your creativity will have no limitations.

Complete AR solution available to everyone for free

  1. Create with no limitations, no restrictions and at no cost
  2. Complete solution for producing Virtual Studio and Virtual Overlay real time augmented reality within UE4
  3. Open source, modular and extensible design
  4. An intuitive wizard allows new virtual production projects to be created and configured in minutes
  5. Provided with complete video tutorials, quick start guide and reference manual
  6. Built from the ground up using native UE4 frameworks, Ncam AR Suite Lite integrates seamlessly with:
    • Live Link – Providing instant, live camera tracking data to UE4
    • Media Framework – Supporting combinations of AJA and Black Magic SDI cards
    • Composure – For configurable compositing of live video, virtual graphics and visual effects
    • Sequencer – To record and replay Ncam camera tracking.
    • Multi-User Editing – Allowing many Ncam cameras to share one virtual space that can be modified live
    • nDisplay – To drive LED walls using Ncam tracking data including off-axis (POV) projection
    • Timecode Synchronizer – For perfectly aligning all data sources together

Product Download Links

Ncam AR Suite Lite v1.0.1 for UE4.23Ncam AR Suite Lite v1.1.1 for UE4.24

Technical Description

The Ncam AR Suite Lite is a C++ plug-in for the Unreal Engine that provides a flexible framework for producing real-time augmented reality content using Ncam camera tracking. It features tools for easily setting up new standard AR projects such as Virtual Overlay and Virtual Studios using AJA and Blackmagic Design SDI cards. Furthermore, as the Ncam AR Suite Lite has been designed as a framework of tools that covers all areas of augmented reality, it can be configured to create complex and innovative solutions for virtual production.

Code Modules:

  • Runtime modules:
    • NcamMedia
    • NcamProfile
    • NcamSource
    • NcamTrackingLiveLink
  • Editor modules:
    • NcamMediaEditor
    • NcamProfileEditor
    • NcamSourceEditor


Number of Blueprints: 3

Number of C++ Classes: 58

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows