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MK2 Hardware

The Ncam Mk2 camera bar and server's compact footprint offers the ultimate in flexibility and robustness as well as allowing for a host of mounting options.

Mk2 Camera Bar

A small, rugged device, which connects to the Mk2 Ncam Server, consisting of various optical and inertial sensors.


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Mk2 Server

The Mk2 server provides a streamlined method to control the system, as well as allowing the system to transmit tracking data completely wirelessly.


Hardware Components

Mk2 Camera Bar
Mk2 Server
Camera Bar connection cable
Calibration charts x 2
External power supply
Backfocus chart

Technical Specification


Supported cameras:

Digital broadcast cameras with HD SDI monitoring

Digital film cameras with HD SDI monitoring

Film cameras with HD video tap plus timecode

Supported lenses:

ENG: Zoom

Cine: Prime & Zoom (Spherical & Anamorphic)

Lens Metadata:

Encoders: Ncam Passive FIZ encoders

Smart Lenses: Arri LDS, Canon, Cooke /i, Fujinon, Zeiss eXtended

Follow Focus: Arri, Cmotion, Preston, Teradek

Lens Profiling:

Ncam proprietary: Stored and selectable from database

Camera monitor feed:

1920/1080 HD SDI with timecode

23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30 fps frame rate

Progressive or PsF (not interlaced)


Multiple optical and inertial sensors consisting of a pair of stereo cameras, an RGB camera and an IR projector, plus IMU device; 1 bar per camera


Position – 3 mounting points: 1x ⅜" -16 UNC & 2x ¼"-20 UNC threads


From Mk2 Server


Supplied USB-C to Ncam Mk2 Server


130mm X 38mm X 39.10mm




One Server per camera


Bespoke workstation

Server interface:

Web interface: Wired or wireless connection via web based GUI

Operating system:

Ubuntu Linux

Application software:

Ncam Reality


Mobile – on camera or rig using ⅜" -16 UNC & ¼" -20 UNC threads


2.5A @ 12v


152.00 X 177.38 X 53.50mm



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