4th December 2020

In the News: Satore Studio Play a CG Magic Trick To Highlight the Potential of Virtual Production

When the Covid pandemic struck in 2020 and everyone started looking for ways to increase productivity while prioritizing safety, Satore Studio and Quite Brilliant partnered to demonstrate the power of virtual production. This awe-inspiring demo proves that virtual production can produce ultra-realistic photoreal environments that even a trained professional wouldn’t know were fake. And part of the magic came from Ncam real-time camera tracking, which blended all the CG and video data into a single in-camera mix, helping the crew maximize their two days on set.

Read more from Broadcast, CGSociety and Televisual.

There are still some hurdles slowing virtual production from becoming mainstream, but if you’re clever you can use these techniques to create something truly incredible.

Tupac Martir Founder & Creative Director, Satore Studio

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