13th September 2021

In the News: How VP Is Changing Broadcasting

Which 3 broadcast formats will be most affected by virtual production over the next 5 years?

Ncam’s Global Director of Business Development, Mike Ruddell, shares his thoughts:

“When I began my broadcast career at Sky more than 20 years ago, virtual production was far from a hot topic. In its infancy, early demos involved little more than replacing a chroma key background with a primitive virtual set. So naturally, many were left unconvinced by the technology—and only a few visionary experts could predict its true potential…”

To read more, visit NewscastStudio.

Broadcasters that utilize virtual production gain an edge over the competition by not just managing data, but being able to break it down, in real time, with unique, attention-grabbing graphics.

Mike Ruddell Ncam

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