15th June 2021

In the News: Ncam Mk2 Connection Box

Today, Ncam announced the availability of our new Mk2 Connection Box, a small and silent modular device that enables filmmakers, broadcasters, and more to link Ncam’s advanced camera tracking bar to any compatible server, locally or remotely.

By eliminating the need to attach a server directly to the camera, the Mk2 Connection Box makes the Ncam setup significantly lighter – lowering physical barriers to help teams utilize the same cutting-edge camera tracking technology used on The Witches, the Fortnite World Cup, and viral graphics for The Weather Channel.

Read more in Broadcast, CGW, and TVNewsCheck.

No one wants to be tied down when they are getting their shot. With the Mk2 Connection Box, you don’t have to be.

Nic Hatch CEO, Ncam

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