7th November 2019

Ncam-Reality 2019.3 Release

We are very pleased to announce the release of 2019.3 for all customers who are on support. Ncam-reality 2019.3 includes more than 50 new features and more than 60 improvements. Highlights of 2019.3 are:

1. Certification of HP workstations for PTZ, Studio, Event (HP Z2 Mini or Z4) and FX (HP Z4)
This provides industry trusted processing power with easily accessible worldwide distribution and global support.

2. Ncam AR Suite Lite for Unreal Engine 4.23 is now included with Ncam-Realty.
Our tool suite is now faster and more flexible to empower our customers to unleash their creativity.

3. Full support for AJA Corvid 44 and AJA Kona 4 (Vanc/Hanc parsing etc.).
This includes advanced camera metadata extraction and insertion in the SDI feed. Multiple outputs are also now fully supported.

4. Full support Black Magic Design Decklink 4k and Decklink Micro IO cards.
These cards are affordable, robust and provide essential requirements for Live events.

5. Ncam-OS.2019.3 based on Ubuntu 18.04.
This provides long term stability, security and support.

6. Floating PTZ for simplified operation.
The pedestal/tripod can be ‘floated’ without losing the tracking. This means the camera can be moved or adjusted without having to recalibrate the system.

6. Beta Support for Mk2 Camera Bar.

With the introduction of the HP platforms for PTZ, Studio, Event and FX, previous platform life cycles and support are updated as per the below:

●      Rev 1 – Intel i7 4960x and DVS LT – Distributed up to 2016 ; End of Life was 31.03.2019 ; End of Support is 30.09.2019
●      Rev 2 – Intel i7 5960x DVS Atomix LT or Aja Corvid 3G ; End of Life is 30.09.2019 ; End of Support is 31.12.2020
●      DVS Atomix LT – End of Life is 30.09.2019 ; End of support is 31.12.2020

As a regular user of Ncam Reality, it is best to keep up to date with the latest release(s) either by renewing your support contract or purchasing a one-off software upgrade or upgrading both your Reality server and software. We have more exciting releases planned during 2019 and 2020 which will improve and simplify your workflows and use of Ncam Reality.

Please speak to for details on how to upgrade your Ncam Reality software.

For customers on support, please request you copy of Ncam-Reality 2019.3 and Ncam AR Suite for Unreal Engine 4.23 via

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