18th December 2020

Ncam Reality 2020.3.10 Release

Thanks to the continued feedback from our customers and partners we’d like to inform you that Ncam-Reality 2020.3.10 is now available! Please update your copy of NCR and ensure you are not using any earlier build of 2020.3.10

What’s changed?

Release notes – Reality – Version 2020.3.10

** Bug Corrected

  * [REAL-1610] – LensEncoder selected in preferences is ignored until changed.

  * [REAL-1684] – Intermittent FreeD packet dropped.

  * [REAL-1688] – Memory Leak in BMD Anc readout.

  * [REAL-1685] – Performance reduced from 2020.3.8 to 2020.3.9

For a full changelog please contact support

Please note: This revision is only certified on the Mk.2 Server platform.


We advise our customers to request a copy of Ncam-Reality 2020.3.10 via

Alternatively you can call the following numbers (Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 18:00):


Europe, Middle East & Africa: +44 (0)20-3167-3868

North America: +1 323-922-5353

Latin America: +54 11-5984-4086

Asia Pacific: +86 10-5387-5838

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