2nd December 2020

Ncam Reality 2020.3.9 Release


Thanks to the continued feedback from our customers and partners we have further improved  Ncam Reality and are happy to provide the latest release below:

What’s changed?

Release notes – Reality – Version 2020.3.9

** Improvement
* [REAL-1657] – Key streamed data not impacted by viewing output.

** Bug Corrected
* [REAL-1670] – Reload project and pointcloud when initialising NcMainWindow not working.
* [REAL-1656] – Key stream disabled when rendering AR through Witness P.O.V.

Release notes – Reality – Version 2020.3.8

** Bug Corrected

    * [REAL-1658] – Reality Cannot Stream different sets of activated packets.

For a full changelog please contact support

Please note: This revision is only certified on the Mk.2 Server platform.

We advise our customers to request a copy of Ncam-Reality 2020.3.9 via

Alternatively you can call the following numbers (Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 18:00):


Europe, Middle East & Africa: +44 (0)20-3167-3868

North America: +1 323-922-5353

Latin America: +54 11-5984-4086

Asia Pacific: +86 10-5387-5838

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