18th May 2021

Visualizing ‘Sweet Home’ Monsters for Netflix Series

Netflix Director of Virtual Production Girish Balakrishnan recently spoke about how unlocking virtual production in Korea has enabled storytellers to overcome creative challenges and engage on-set in dynamic new ways.

The background: When Korean production company Westworld needed to create a plethora of monsters for Netflix original series “Sweet Home,” the combination of Ncam, Unreal Engine, and Xsens was the perfect solution. By combining real-time camera tracking and motion capture using Unreal Engine, Westworld was able to forgo many of the time-intensive steps involved in traditional special effects, leveraging new virtual production techniques so their actors could realistically interact with the CG monsters.

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The combination of Unreal Engine, Ncam, and Xsens were key factors to shooting realistic scenes because it enabled the entire team to monitor the scene in real time on set.

Lee Byeong-joo Supervisor, Westworld

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